5 Fantastic Weeks of Physiotherapy

Karin Wernick from Germany returned to Sierra Leone and Magbenteh Community Hospital for her second visit, to support the needs of our physiotherapy department for 5 weeks.

Treating both inpatients admitted in our Children’s Ward, Female Ward and Male Ward, as well as returning outpatients, Karin has worked miracles.

One particular patient is 9 year old Santigie. 4 months ago Santigie fell from a mango tree and at initial diagnosis was paralyzed from the waist down; unable sit or stand on his own he developed a serious bed sore. Despite the pain and muscle loss, Santigie is now learning to stand and sit on his own. For the first time in months, both Santigie and his Grandmother who takes care of him, are smiling

once again.

Having Karin back at Magbenteh Community Hospital was a blessing to us all and we greatly admired her work, patience and persistence in encouraging patients through their recovery. Furthemore, the experience and knowledge she was able to share with our medical staff demonstrated capacity building at its best!

Karin shared some of her thoughts with us: ‘This year I was able to support the Magbenteh Community Hospital again, as a physiotherapist.

Because I had already volunteered here in 2015, I was able to quickly acquaint to patients and co-volunteers in the house as well as at the Makeni Government Hospital.

I was especially happy about the newly constructed school as well  a site visit to the boarding accommodation for the school children affected by Ebola and from the most deprived surrounding villages.

Education is extremely important in this country. However, there are also aspects which I would like to adapt and integrate into my European day-to-day-life, a deeper sense of responsibilities regarding family (if it hasn’t been destroyed by war or the recent Ebola epidemic) or the African way to dance.

Our hopes and wishes for the further development of every stakeholder and the entire organization remain high. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I was able to participate. Furthermore I hope to continue the great collaboration.

My heart is filled with great memories of the wonderful people!’