A Visit From Action Swiss Sierra Leone

In January we received a visit from our sister organization Action Swiss Sierra Leone. The organizations President Christian Skroeder was accompanied with the organization’s accountant Jean Louis and his sister Anne Lise, to see the current conditions and challenges we face here in Makeni, Sierra Leone. While their visit to Magbenteh village was short we worked as a team to discuss the current issues at Magbenteh Community Hospital alongside Honorary Consul General of Switzerland, Noemi Schramm.

During their brief stay our guest toured the hospital’s wards meeting our friendly staff for the first time, asking members in every department to introduce a list of items needed that could assist in any efforts to better perform their daily duties.

ASSL brought along with them drugs procured from various pharmacies in Switzerland. They were given to Patrick and Unisa who head the Pharmacy Department, who were most grateful for the gifts. A new computer was also presented to the Communications department, which we are also so grateful for considering our department has been using our own personal computers over the years. In the past this has been fine, but with the growth of the organization keeping our information safe is vital. Many files have been lost to viruses and faulty hard drives. We are glad to accept this computer, knowing it will also stay with the organization for the next Communications Department assures the stability and sustainability we are creating here in Magbenteh.

Action Swiss Sierra Leone and Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation worked together this trip insuring the completion of proposals for a new electrical system including solar panels; a hernia project for young males; and a Lab project which includes a new upgraded lab.

Thank you, Action Swiss Sierra Leone, we appreciate your hard work and efforts in all you do for the SSLDF and the Magbenteh Community.

Team & Staff Operations Meeting
ASSL President & Pharmacy Department
Founder Mr. Harald & ASSL Jean Louse & Anne Lise
MCH Electrician & ASSL President