Alma College

At Magbenteh Community Hospital we love to welcome volunteers! For the past month, two pre-medical students; Keara and Caroline, from Alma College in Michigan USA, had the opportunity to work alongside our medical team.

Caroline reflected on her experience: “I am extremely thankful that I was able to spend the past month in Sierra Leone, and that I was able to learn so much about medicine from the doctors I worked with, as well as being able to learn about the healthcare system in this West African country and how the medical team are able to overcome the many obstacles they face on a daily basis.

Magbenteh Hospital is filled with dedicated doctors, nurses, and other staff members who are passionate and dedicated to the work that they do. Providing healthcare in Sierra Leone is not without its challenges as the lack of resources and technology can be a difficult roadblock to overcome. However, the staff at Magbenteh are so committed to their work and their patients, and it was so inspiring to see the love they have for what they do.

Being able to travel to Sierra Leone and visit Magbenteh hospital not only allowed me to gain more experience in the medical field but also allowed me to experience a new country and culture. I feel so lucky to have had such an incredible experience in Sierra Leone, and I will cherish the memories I’ve made with everyone I have met, and especially everyone at Magbenteh.”

Volunteering is extremely important and creates valuable learning experiences for both national staff and volunteers as individuals. If you are interested in joining us in Sierra Leone or have any questions about ways you can get involved, drop us a line at



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