April 7th World Health Day

The first World Health Day was celebrated April 7th 1948 by the World Health Organization. Their aim was to create awareness about universal health coverage and achieving maximum access to health care in every community.

Traditional medicine is preferred by Sierra Leonians due mostly in part of their poor living situations, and lack of employment. Money is scarce for people living in villages where there is no work and no way for them to pay for western medicine, which is why Sierra Leone`s health care system consists primarily of traditional medicine, and according to WHO “Sierra Leone`s health status is still one of the worst in the world,” with a 47-year life expectancy rate.

The government in collaboration with development partners implemented a 6-year National Health Sector Strategic Plan, which provides the framework to better the health of the nation.

SSLDF has worked diligently with Magbenteh community Hospital on implementing a quality primary health care system. We help maintain and improve the well-being of our patients through vaccination programs, professional surgical interventions and family planning.

Our skilled staff have a continuing and trusted relationship with their patients. The impact they have on the community is positive, respected and indispensable during outbreaks and emergencies. SSLDF has vowed to make quality primary health care a sustainable reality in a third world country. We hereby continue to work on our aim towards the best result.