Case of the week: “A crab caused me to be admitted!”

The Female Ward at Magbenteh Community Hospital receives numerous cases. One in particular is of a young lady called Sayo, who bought crab for dinner and ended up paying a steep price for it.

After purchasing the seafood in the local market Sayo was pricked on her leg by the crab’s claw through its plastic wrapping. As it was only a scratch she thought nothing of it and carried on home. At midnight she awoke from pain to see her leg swollen and blistered. The following day she went to a pharmacy and received a tetanus injection as a precaution and hoping the swelling would reduce.

Over the next few days Sayo’s leg continued to swell so much that her friends brought her to Magbenteh Community Hospital. On her arrival she underwent a minor surgical procedure to remove the necrotic tissue which was almost to the bone. Sayo was admitted and treated with antibiotics.

Sayo’s severe reaction to the crab scratch was caused by the delay in the application of the correct treament on the would, combined with the toxins from the claw. Thankfully Sayo’s leg is now healing well and hopes to be discharged later this week.