Case of the Week: Acute Malaria

Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation strongly supports, health and education. The Magbenteh Community Boarding School is a beacon of hope for the young Sierra Leonean generation who attend, while many of these children are faced with tragedies, they show up to school energized and ready to learn.

The MBCS Education program caters to less privileged children in surrounding communities, specifically those affected by the Ebola epidemic.

Unfraternally many of these children are without parents and, are often in the care of guardians who may not have the resources to educate them, but The Magbenteh Community Boarding School took the initiative to not only educate but also start a sponsored feeding program.

Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation grants children access to the Magbenteh Community Hospital when they are feeling ill.

Abbas Bendu is a young boy who attends Magbenteh Community Boarding School, and is in class 6. He was admitted into the hospital with acute Malaria, he collapsed on his way to hospital and was rushed into the paediatric ward. Upon informing his mother she mentioned she`s a farmer and, single mother of three. It was revealed to us that Abbas’s father had an unfortunate and untimely death, leaving his mother to care for their three small children. Abbas is a bright young man, he`s the sixth in a class of 27, won school president and, has bright ambitions of becoming a productive member of society in the future.

Abbas was treated and discharged three days later. His mother is forever grateful for S.S.L.D.F and our efforts in assisting the surrounding communities. The Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation welcomes other partners to assist in development in various areas especially in education and health.

Abbas Bendu Class 6 Pupil at Magbenteh Community Boarding School receiving treatment at the  Magbenteh Community Hospital