Emergency Obstetric and New Born Care Training

Sister Fasia, Head Midwife at Magbenteh Community Hospital, recently attended a National Harmonised Emergency Obstetric and New Born Care (EMNOC) Training at the Regional Hospital, Makeni. Conducted by UKAID, WHO, UNFPA, and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the training focused on major causes of maternal, prenatal morbidity and mortality, the associated risk factors and ways of improving maternal and neonatal outcomes in Sierra Leone.

It further emphasised on the correct management of expectant mothers during labour as well as the postnatal and neonatal interventions which can be implemented in order to reduce the risk of complications.

On her return to Magbenteh Community Hospital, Sister Fasia has begun to train her fellow midwives on the monitoring and maternal procedures taught, based on the guidelines of the training.