Fundraising for New X-Ray Machine

Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation started the X-Ray Machine fundraising initiative because Magbenteh Community Hospital is currently functioning without one. CHO’s and Doctors must send patients hours outside of Makeni for a simple X-Ray scan. This is very costly for patients as most of them are farmers or without work, so they have little to no income to afford travelling expenses.

This month we received exciting news from a former SSLDF volunteer named Sarah Luc. She volunteered with the organization summer of 2017 before she graduated from University.  When she heard about our fundraising efforts to purchase a new X-Ray Machine for Magbenteh Community Hospital she was inspired and decided to help. In her efforts she raised 500 euros selling homemade macaroons with her colleagues.

We asked Sarah about the project, this is what she said,

 “I’m working as a general practitioner with 2 colleagues in a village in the South of Belgium so I put posters about the NGO and the fundraising for a new X-ray machine in our waiting room so that patients could order macaroons and receive their box every Friday. I also wrote a post on Facebook so my friends and neighbors could also order. I knew about SSLDF from the Internet. I’ve already travelled a few times in Africa and in spring 2017 I was looking for a place to work as a medical volunteer during summer and I wanted an English-speaking African country. So I took a map, I saw Sierra Leone and I thought “I know nothing about this country, let’s discover it. I searched for an NGO on the internet and I found SSLDF, I worked there 2 months during summer 2017 just after my graduation from university And I plan to come back next year cause I’m completely in love with this country.”

The organization would like to give a big thanks to you, and your colleagues. We appreciate the time and effort you put into this project and hope you continue the good work.!                           

Sar Luc & Colleague