MCBS End of Term Sports Activities

Implementing sports at Magbenteh Community Boarding School is vital to SSLDF. Understanding the importance of Physical Education as well as staying active is taught to student through assuring they have 1 hour recess and lunch period during school. The enrolled students are extremely vulnerable and therefore sport enables them to express themselves and empowers them to work as a team. For the majority, their day at school is the only opportunity they have to be ‘a child, which is why the 28th and 29th days of this month belong to Magbenteh Community Boarding School.

To bring an end to the first term of 2019 the school held a sports day, where four teams red, blue, green, and yellow competed in various activites. The activities included track and field, dancing competitions, various races such as sack race, filling the bottle and more.

Every student received a priye for participation in order to encouraged and develop leadership qualities in their everyday lives and strengthen their self-esteem.