Meet A Member Of Our Hospital Staff

Meet David Bangura, he has been a nutritionist for over 16 years and first came to Magbenteh Community Hospital in 2005 from a partner organization, Action Control Farm.  David’s occupational functions included community outreach, home visits, nursing care and the monitoring of patient’s progress, and by the end of the program, David was assimilated into the Magbenteh Community Hospital Family. David oversees various departments in Magbenteh Community hospital including, Nutrition; the H.I.V department, and assists in the Antenatal Clinic.

David continues to put effort in offering his services to patients and staff at Magbenteh Community Hospital. Although we often have trouble with funding, staffing and mobility he welcomes these challenges and meets them head on, ‘’We must keep trying and offering clinical service to the communities even with the little we have. We must keep giving patients and the community hope. This is a key ingredient for any patient to get better.’’

David inspires our organization to collaborate with external partners, to raise funds and offer nutritional and other health services to the communities in Sierra Leone. 

David Bangura