Meet our Emergency Surgical Officer

Meet Dr Marah, our Emergency Surgical Officer at Magbenteh Community Hospital. He joined the SSLDF family in June 2011 as a Clinical Consultant but as his need for helping others and passion for knowledge grew, he left Magbenteh Hospital in March 2012 to acquire surgical training, returning once more in April 2013.

“Surgeries have really been improving here in Sierra Leone, especially with cesarean sections and hernia operations. We have our limitations with equipment and resources but we manage with what we have. I enjoy the range of operations I am able to perform and feel proud to be supporting my county’s health sector through my role at Magbenteh Community Hospital.”

Since January 2018, the operating theatre has carried out a total of 184 surgeries. Alongside 300 women who were screened for cervical cancer, all of whom received surgical intervention as part of a Gynecology CEU Spain University project