Rice Distribution to Students

Every year SSLDF’s sister organization, Action Swiss Sierra Leone (ASSL) distributes one bag of rice to each student enrolled in its school sponsorship program, established in 1988 by Mr. Harald Pfeiffer.

The aim of the program is to provide education for the members of the community who are struggling with basic needs. Every student enrolled has his or her own individual sponsor who provides funds for school fees, uniform and stationary each academic year and in return the sponsor receives the school reports, exam results and photographs to learn about their student’s progress.

Currently the program is supporting 340 students across Bombali, Tonkolili and Western Area Districts, for Primary, Junior and Secondary School levels. The development and growth of the initiative has greatly impacted the communities in terms of education, supporting Sierra Leone’s children after both the Civil War and Ebola epidemic.

The distribution of rice once a year, usually during the months of November or December is extremely appreciated and beneficial for the students and their families as food insecurity remains a major problem in Sierra Leone with one out of two households being food insecure .