San Pablo University Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer is a disease of threat globally which kills many people worldwide. It is predominantly found in women in Africa, especially Sierra Leone, because there is a limited number of medical doctors who specialize in treatment.

The intervention of the San Pablo University team of gynecologist from Spain in collaboration with the Magbenteh Community Hospital offered a free cervical cancer screening for women, which has contributed hugely to the health sector in the area of obstetricians and gynecologist issues in the northern part of Sierra Leone. This makes the universities second visit following July 2018, where the university piloted their first cancer screening visit at Magbenteh Community Hospital.

During the second phase of this exercise two Spanish doctors working with the University, Silvia and Alicia performed diligently February 4th-8th screening a total of 285 women, and 10 patients were treated to prevent cervical cancer. The exercise was successful, and patients were very pleased for the opportunity.

We are happy to report San Pablo University will be returning this year in continuation of this ongoing project, which contributes to the sustainability efforts from the SSLDF Team and hospital staff. o