Smiles in the Children’s Ward

Our new Volunteer Health Practitioner, Andrea, from Germany distributed sweets and colouring pencils to the patients in the Children’s Ward at Magbenteh Community Hospital this morning. 

The Children’s Ward has a capacity of 29 beds, examination rooms and inside toilets.

Free health care for children under 5 years is intended to be given to families and then reimbursed by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. However, this reimbursement is not always available, so paediatric cases for children in this age range are treated and paid for by the Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation and Magbenteh Community Hospital.

Malaria and typhoid continue to be endemics within the population of Sierra Leone, persisting as the most common infectious diseases here at Magbenteh Community Hospital. The majority of other cases admitted to the Children’s Ward include malnutrition, pneumonia and anaemia. 

This is Andrea’s first visit to Sierra Leone and one she is thoroughly enjoying:

“I have been at Magbenteh Community Hospital for one week now. My profession back in Germany is in Homeopathic and Acupressure Therapy. Here in Sierra Leone I am working in the Physiotherapy Ward to improve muscle and tendon strength, with patients who have experienced strokes, amputated limbs or have polio.

I attend the hospital ward round every morning and hope to attend some of the surgeries carried out by Dr Adolfo and Dr Marah here before I leave.”

If you are interested in coming to volunteer with us here at Magbenteh Community Hospital just email us at, we would love to hear from you!


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